Our Price Promise to You Book a Room

Get The Best Rates When You Book Directly With Us

5 Reasons Why You Should Book Direct With Us

1. Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee that when you book directly with us, you will get the best possible rate that is available anywhere. If you are able to find a lower rate online, we promise to match the price, with no hassle immediately.

Although our best rate guarantee is an excellent reason to book directly with us, it isn’t the only benefit you will receive from booking direct.

2. Get everything exactly how you like it

When you book directly with us, we will ask you all of the right questions and get everything documented. We will make sure that everything is ready just the way you want it for your arrival.

3. Your personal information is completely safe

We will never, ever trade or sell your personal information, unlike some other website out there. Your security and privacy are important to you, and it is to us as well. We will send you offers, and information on Special Offers if you agree; however it is very easy to unsubscribe anytime you will, and we won’t ever inundate you with messages.

4. There are no penalties or hidden costs

Our website shows all taxes and room charges up front. You will pay the same price that you see. There are also no additional fees that will change an existing reservation. Since you booked with us directly, you will also be dealing with us directly. We are very happy to assist you 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

5. Exclusive offers for only direct bookers

For booking directly with us, as a very special thank you, and with your permission, we will add you to our exclusive database. You will then receive special deals that are available exclusively to the guest that have directly booked with us.

*Terms and Conditions

At the time of booking a lower rate must have the same terms and conditions, the same number of guests, room type and dates. You must have proof of a lower price and provide us with all of the details within 48 hours of your booking. Our Lowest Price Guarantee applies to online rates that are made available to the general public. Rates that are part of travel packages, or corporate and group rates do not qualify.

Highlights Of The Hub

Enjoy a higher standard of affordable luxury in our rooms. They offer amenities like outdoor seating, free wi-fi, and separate spaces for relaxing, dining, and sleeping.

You'll get unbeatable access to all the attractions of Peterborough. We're just minutes away from the Cathedral, the historic Burghley House, and the Nene Valley Railway.

We're close enough to the Peterborough railway station to get to Central London - and the whole of England - within easy travelling distance.